Contemporarily Classic

Custom made shoes, or as the English say “Bespoke”, are crafted following a very rigorous procedure.
The first step is the measurement of the client’s foot, where the structural condition of the foot and the posture is taken into consideration. The wooden last is prepared, based on the information gathered from the measurements and observations, interpreting the style that the client has chosen.
This precious and exclusive wooden last belongs to the client, as it will subsequently be used for future restorations or new orders.
Subsequently, the client must return for the fitting trial, which serves as verification of the fit, the volumetric check, and the balance of the gait while walking. The goal is to offer the client a shoe that fits perfectly; an ambitious project that can be realized only through the painstakingly precise work of expert craftsmanship. (Follow up adjustments are made as needed).
The next step involves the creation of the upper, using the materials and finishes chosen by the client.
Each step follows the specific details requested: the tip, the wooden shank, reinforcements, stitching thread for the welt, the insole, filler, soles and heels.
All components of a “Mario Bemer” shoe are made without the use of any synthetic materials, plastics or metal, giving the shoe its unique characteristic of lightness, flexibility and resistance over time.
Each pair of shoes is presented with special cedar shoe-trees, built from the clients last, and in a custom wooden box.
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